Volunteer Positions in Pack 886 As you know, Cub Scouts is entirely run by volunteers. For our Pack to run well and provide the best scouting experience for our scouts, we need a lot of dedicated volunteers.

When we all joined the Pack, we acknowledged that we would volunteer time to the Pack. All families are expected to volunteer for at least one open position. Not all volunteers have to be uniformed leaders. In fact, most of the volunteer positions that we have open require no uniform, no registration, and no training. In addition, most of them are short duration positions that will require very little time on your part, especially if we get our program committees full.

We will expect all Pack families to honor their promise to volunteer time to the Pack and that you will put your best efforts into the volunteer positions.

We know that volunteering blindly is scary, so the following pages identify some opportunities that are available. If you see something you like, contact any one of the leaders and we will get you on board. If you think we need a volunteer position that isn't listed, let us know and we will create one. If you want to discuss where your talents are most needed, contact any one of the leaders.

Remember, many hands make light work work. Let's continue to make Pack 886 the best Cub Scout Pack in the council!

Pack Committee

Commitment: Year long responsibilities, registration & training for some are required, uniform is optional.

Immediate Vacancies: YES - The time to pass the torch is NOW.

Role Description: The Pack Committee ensures that there is high quality program being run and that there are financial resources available to run the program. The Pack Committee essentially plans and organizes all events outside of the Pack and Den meetings, communicates within and outside of the Pack, and makes sure all adult leaders are trained. The Pack cannot run without the Pack Committee. We need your help. Many of the senior leaders will be crossing over to Boy Scouts in March 2018. Positions opening up are Treasurer, Committee Chair, Advancement Chair, Committee Member, Camping Coordinator, Webmaster.

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Uniformed Leaders

Commitment: Year long responsibilities, registration, training, and uniform required for all.

Immediate Vacancies: YES - Cub Master -

Role Description: These are the leaders for the youth: Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster, Den Leaders & Assistant Den Leaders. These are the volunteers that need time to prepare and conduct the best program for the scouts. Many of them are also serving as committee members and organizing the events through the year to help the Pack go. Let's get these positions fully staffed and staff the Pack Committee and Events to allow them the time they need for the boys. Incumbent Leaders are looking and ready to train new leaders now for a smooth transition and a continued great experience at pack 886.

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Event Volunteers

Commitment: Very focused around specific events. Registration, training, and uniforms not be required.

Immediate Vacancies: YES

Role Description: There are a lot of opportunities here that can be accomplished in a short period of time and really help the Pack. The uniformed leaders managing these as well as their other duties really takes time away from the scouts.

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