Is Your Son Interested?

Is Your Son Interested?

We realize that joining scouts is a big decision for you, your son, and your family.

We've included some sections on our website that can help you make an informed decision. If you have some questions please use our online form and we'd be happy to discuss scouting with you personally.

Costs of Scouting

"Every boy deserves the chance to be a Scout"

One question that you will want to understand is what will the costs of Scouting be. First of all no one in Scouting wants the costs be a barrier that would prevent someone from joining scouts. If the costs would prevent you from entering scouting, please discuss with the Committee Chair or your Den Leader and we will work to arrange a scholarship to remove this barrier. We may also be able to help arrange a uniform as well if this is a barrier.


The Pack pays almost $35/yr to the Boy Scouts of America for each Scout. We then spend approximately $90 per scout for other pack expenses. Our expenses include: your first pack t-shirt, rank insignia awards, adventure loops and pins, Journey to Excellence Patches, National Summertime Awards, Leave No Trace Awards, Whittling Chips, Religious Knots, neckerchief and slide for bridging and any other special awards. The Pack also pays for supplies for many of the special events we do each year such as Fishing Derby, Pinewood Derby Cars, Medals and Trophies, and numerous prizes for events throughout the year.


Our dues are $125/yr, but will be reduced to just $35 by selling at least $500 in popcorn. Popcorn sales is how we fund the Pack, and the boys that go out and sell popcorn can earn the $90 credit. A subscription to Boy's Life magazine is an additional $12/yr.

We realize paying the $125 initially and then waiting for a rebate can stress a budget at the beginning of the school year. We have added the option of paying $35 by the October Pack meeting and then only collecting the remaining dues after Popcorn sales conclude in the December Pack meeting.

Uniform & Scout Manual

The other significant expense the first year is the uniform and scout manual. Our Pack does not require the pants and socks. The uniforms with manuals can range between $75 - $175 for a full Cub Scout uniform. Please see the Pack 886 Parent's Packet and Onboarding List on the Document Page.

Sam Houston Area Council has organized a uniform bank where it can be offered to assist some Scouts and adult leaders that otherwise would not be able to purchase these supplies. If you would like to read more about the Uniform Exchange, please click here: Please let the Committee Chair or your Den Leader know if you would like to explore the uniform bank.

Some Links to Explore

Below are several links you might want to follow, please take some time to click around and get an idea about our Pack and the Boy Scouts of American in general...

  • Scouting 101 - This section introduces you to scouting. It’s a ‘quick tour’
  • Pack Calendar - Use this page to find important dates and times
  • Contact the Leaders - If you have ANY questions all you need to do is ask.
  • Let Us Know Your Thoughts - This form allows you to express your interest to the Pack Leaders and ask questions or make comments. We’d like to know where you are in the process so take a minute and let us know.

Our Promise

Our promise is that your son will have fun, he will be active, he will learn and you will be informed every step of the way.


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