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Robert van Benthuysen

Cub Scouting Principles

In each year of the Cub Scout Programs their will be a focus on: Character Development, Participatory Citizenship, Personal Fitness, Outdoor Skills & Awareness, and Leadership & Life Skills.

Cub Scouting Adventure Program

The Cub Scout program is divided into a series of “adventures,” where Cub Scouts (as part of their den and/or individually) will gain experiences while working on their badge of rank. The adventures focus on learning by doing instead of learning by listening. Once a Cub Scout has completed the six required adventures specific to their rank and one elective adventure of his/his den’s choosing he will have earned his badge of rank.

Each adventure is designed to take roughly three den meetings to implement, one of which may be an outing, ranging from attending a sporting event as a den, to taking a hike, to visiting a museum or going on a campout. At the conclusion of each adventure, a rank and adventure loop is awarded.

The Wolf Advancement Trail is here.

Elective Adventures

In addition to the adventures required for rank advancement, there are additional elective adventures that members of the den may earn.

This allows dens to create and customize a program for the interests of the boys in the den as well as create the opportunity for a year-round Cub Scout program.

The Wolf Elective Adventures are here.


Much of the advancement for the Wolf rank is done by the scout with his family outside of the den. The parent signs off in the scout's handbook and in, our tracking software. The Wolf program relies heavily on family involvement, but you will see this gradually change with the scout doing more with his den and more individual direction as he graduates to Webelos.

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