In November 2014, some of our Dens started using as a trial for the Pack, and we loved it! It allows the Scouts, Parents and Leaders to have real time information on where the individual scouts are the dens are along the scouting trail. It also assigns the account to the parents and scouts to allow them to move all their scouting history as they move into Boy Scouts. We are now directly uploading Scoutbook to the Boy Scout record keeping system so if it isn't in Scoutbook the BSA doesn't know about it.

Many were impressed with Scoutbook including Boy Scouts of America, who purchased and made it an official software application for Scouting. Here is the BSA video on Scoutbook that they showed at the 2015 BSA National Annual Meeting.

Much More Scoutbook

We are just starting down the Scoutbook trail. Although several of our dens used Scoutbook to track advancement, there are several other features available we haven't started using. We will start relying on the system more and more now that we know it is part of BSA and is here to stay.

For example, we can manage calendars in Scoutbook that have advanced functionality of providing a RSVP system like evite, sending reminders, tracking attendance and even marking achievements/awards for the event for the scouts that attended.

Create your Scoutbook Account

If you haven't already, start your Scoutbook account right away. If you don't have an email invite, contact your den leader and they can send you the invite. As I hope you can tell, this will be much more important and a way the Pack gets things done. It also allows your scout to take an active role in reviewing and figuring out what he should work on.

Start your account and complete your and your scouts profile and enable texting for your account. You can also invite your scout to have his own account.

Pack 231 put together a short video for parents on setting up Scoutbook that may be helpful.