Pack 886 Returns Stolen Backpack

Post date: Sep 13, 2014 10:23:06 PM

This morning at Alden Bridge Park, Pack 886 was out having a great time while cleaning up our Adopt-A-Path park. The Scouts came across a backpack in the woods filled with personal journals, a digital camera, an external hard drive, and a USB thumb drive.

After locating a name on the papers, they used FaceBook to find the owner and arranged to return it to her. After getting home for Spring Break after a long drive, she was tired and did not finish unloading her car and forgot to lock it. Someone came into her driveway and took the backpack. The thief kept the Apple laptop and iPad and threw the backpack in the woods. Based on Find My iPhone, the police went to a house in Conroe to look for the backpack didn't find it.

Even though she didn't get her computer and iPad back, she was really happy to get the rest of her possessions back. Most important was the notebook where she had worked years to identify the qualities she wanted in a husband. Now recently engaged, she wanted to share the list with her fiancee. She was really happy and grateful to get some of her stuff back 6 months after the theft.

Great job Scouts and you definitely did Your Good Turn today!