1. Only dry lubricants (such as graphite or powdered Teflon) may be used on the wheel and axel assembly. NO liquid lubrication is allowed.
  2. Break in the wheels by spinning them with lots of graphite. 
  3. Right before check-in, fill the wheels wells with graphite and cover with stickers like a hub cap. You can paint the 1 inch stickers in a contrasting color. It looks great! 
  4. Put a small drop of white glue where the axle goes into the car body and put powdered graphite on it there. That causes less friction if the wheel should rub against the car body.
  5. Other than the good polishing of the axles, dump the axles and wheels in a ziplock bag with some graphite and shake them for a few days prior to the race. That way the wheel and the axles are as slick as can be.