Sam Houston Area Council Awards & Badges

The Texas Badge
Purpose: Reward your scouts for learning about the history of the great state of Texas.

Eligibility: Youth member or adult leader of a chartered Cub Scout unit

Trip Requirements: Visit an historical place in Texas after completion of the worksheet

Cost: $3.00 per scout including patch

Links: Here is a TX Badge worksheet from Dawn Kotalik

Here is the SHAC Texas Badge Application

The Akela Award (Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary)

Purpose: An exciting opportunity to earn a badge within the sight and sound of real wolves and wolfdogs.  During the session, Scouts will have an opportunity to learn about:

          • The wolves and wolfdogs of SFWS
          • Gray wolves (Canis lupus) and other wolf species
          • Conservation and why it is important to protect natural resources
          • The food chain
          • Camouflage
          • They will also have an opportunity to make a plaster cast of a wolf track
Fulfills the requirements for both the Wildlife Conservation Academics Belt Loop and Pin!

Eligibility: Cub Scouts including Tigers

Trip Requirements: 2 part program with visits to the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary in Montgomery, TX

Cost: $10.00 per scout including patch

Links: The Wolves of Saint FrancisAkela Award DetailsLeader's GuideScout Handouts

Here is the SHAC Akela Award Application

The Texas Criminal Justice Badge

Purpose: Learn about the Criminal Justice System to earn this badge

Eligibility: Cub Scouts including Tigers

Trip Requirements: Police Station, Courtroom & Prison or Police Officer, Judge and Correctional Officer visit Den

Cost: $2.00 per scout including patch

Links: Here is the SHAC Criminal Justice Badge Application

The San Jacinto Battlefield Award

Purpose: Learn about the Criminal Justice System to earn this badge

Eligibility: Cub Scouts including Tigers

Trip Requirements: Take a trip to the San Jacinto Battlefield and complete the historical tour included in the link below

Cost: $2.25 per scout including patch

Links: Here is the SHAC San Jacinto Battlefield Award Application and Instructions

Tall Timbers Acorn Achievement Award

To recognize Webelos Scouts who have gone above and beyond the Arrow of Light requirements and have a strong start on their Boy Scout adventure. The pack and troop must work together to ensure that all Webelos transitioning into a troop have the opportunity to enjoy the complete scouting adventure and earn this award. Do A Good Turn Daily. A Scout is Helpful. 

Webelos Requirements
        1. Earn the Arrow of Light award plus 3 additional activity pins
        2. Attend one Boy Scout campout or a Troop Court of Honor
        3. Complete three hours of community service
        4. Join a Boy Scout Troop of your choice
Boy Scout Requirements
  1. Earn the rank of Scout and have a Scout Master conference in the first two months
  2. Within six months from time of registration, attend at least three troop outings
  3. Within 18 months from the time of registration, earn the First Class rank
  4. Attend Summer Camp within 12 months of registration

Eligibility: Webelos & Boy Scouts